Monday, May 13, 2013

Mommy Tips Monday

Today's Mommy Tip comes from MOI the owner and writer of this blog - MageeMommy! If you have a tip you would like to submit, please email me at mageemommy at gmail dot com with a link to your website.


Oh, there is only one thing on par with the necessity of having diapers available at any moment... that's CAR SNACKS! Yep, I try to never leave home without them. Today, before hitting the door for church, I stopped and took 2 minutes to cut up and bag apple slices. Oh what a lifesaver! As soon as I got in the car everyone was getting fussy and cranky and Daddy started tossing slices toward the back of the car like we were at a safari drivethrough and a herd of hungry zebras were getting dangerously close to our bumper. For lasting car snacks, I like to have a bag of goldfish crackers or vanilla wafers. Both these snacks can weather the weather... especially with how hot cars can get here in south Texas.

So if you are about to have little ones or have teenagers, my tip is to stock your car with whatever snack works for you and keep car cranky to a minimum! :)

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