Monday, May 13, 2013

The Paunch

The popped biscuit can.
The jelly roll.
The belly flap.

Oh, my nicknames for my stomach could go on and on. I'm trying to lose weight. OK. FINE! I'm not trying that hard. Yes, I had Nestle chocolate chunks straight from the bag tonight and ate Corn Pops for dinner. So what?! You wann'in' to starts somethin'. You taking to me?! Don't make me smack you with my extra tummy bulge. Smack, smack.

Ok, I'm cooling down. I wouldn't want to actually burn some calories by accident and all. Ok, seriously, I have been losing weight little by little since February. I would say I started in January but I broke some ribs and messed up my shoulder in December and darn if those ribs take a while to heal. So since February I've lost I would like to say officially 10 pounds! woot woot! Since last fall I've gone from a size 14(under the belly flap, meaning wearing jeans on my hips) to a size 10 or 9 depending on the make of the jeans! yeeehawwww! Still though, at the suggestion of a family member(unnamed as to protect her identity - love you!), an informant of mine mentioned the use of spanks or something like that. So I just signed up to win a $100 Kohl's gift card in which I hopefully will be spending most of the money on a spanks like item like the Flexees by Maidenform Easy-Up Firm Control Strapless Slip – 2304. Yep, I’m still rockin’ the flabby belly pooch from baby #3. Someday this arch nemisis will be tamed by hour after hour at the gym but until them I’ll have to rely on other superhero tools like this!

Can I get a holla all you other ladies that still feel s*xy even with our paunches? (Yea, take that Ambercranchy and Fitchy.)

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