Friday, October 5, 2012

Good to the Last Drop...

My kids love bathtime! Even MageeBaby3 has been trying to say the word "Bath" for the past couple weeks. After dinner one night he crawled really fast to our bathroom, stood up at the tub and started smacking the top of the tub, and said "baat bahhh bah ba at". Yep, he loves bathtime!

Sweet MageePrincess is a big fan too. She enjoys playing with the "squeeky" toys(the ones that squirt water). She also likes to pretend to swim. Then it's a ritual for her after bathtime to be wrapped into her towel with just her little face sticking out and then cuddle on the couch with daddy while he's watching TV or playing on the computer.

And of course, MageeBoy loves bathtime too! He likes to pretend to be fishing or playing with his new boat or splashing(they all love splashing - what kid doesn't!). But when it comes to getting out of the tub, WWIII ensues. MageeBoy doesn't ever want to get out of the tub. He'll cry or try making the drain stop, or anything to not have to get out. And while the water of a very full bath is draining, instead of enjoying his last moments of playing, he'll cry and throw a fit or get really mad.

The other night while he was doing this it made me think about persevering in life - especially at the end of life. I have watched from a distance some elders at the end of their lives getting mad, throwing fits, so angry about their circumstances. I'm guessing because they were mad about things, maybe regrets, or maybe they were just not ready to get out of the tub quite yet.

I'm hoping if I get to reach that stage in life and know that the end is nearing, I hope I'm not kicking and screaming and crying while the water drains. I'm hoping I'll enjoy this life to the very last drop.

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