Monday, October 15, 2012

Mommy Tips Mondays

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THE BRAT DIET... (with a side of gatorade)

The last couple weeks my family has been sick... It started with our little boy waking up after bedtime, crying out for mommy which was quickly followed up with a barraaaapppphhuuuuaaa, and some more crying. MageeDaddy thankfully took the lead as the clean up crew while the stripped our sick little guy down to change his clothes. He got washed off and put fresh PJs on. So you know what happens next... barraaaapppphhuuuuaaa. That's right, fresh clothes ALWAYS makes sick kids more nausious. Eventually, we got everything cleaned up. Changed out the bedsheets and started a load of pukey laundry. Tucked our little sicky baby back in bed and thoroughly disinfected our hands, arms, bodies.

The next morning I knew to start the BRAT diet(if he was hungry for more than just saltine crackers). Have you heard of the BRAT acronym?


My mom told me about it a couple years back. If you have anyone in your family with anything coming out either end that shouldn't be, then start them on the BRAT diet when they are hungry enough to eat again.(MY LEGAL DISCLAIMER...OK ACTUALLY CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR FIRST AND TALK OVER THE BRAT DIET WITH THEM.) Rice and toast are two starchy foods with no grease in them so it's mild on the old tummy. I also like to replenish minerals and nutrients and rehydrate with Gatorade as well. For some reason the brand Gatorade seems to work best for me and my kids but you know what works for you just make sure to rehydrate and drink something that helps your system balance back out.

Anyone else with advice on what to eat after being nasty sick???

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