Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lala Land

I like to call the city I live in LaLa Land. Why? Well, because this place is not normal and it's fantastic! People are friendly. There's bike/walking paths EVERYWHERE! Churches abound. Even back of the street signs and traffic light poles are painted brown to blend in with the surrounding trees.

Shopping is amazing here - from Charming Charlies(I loooveee) to Tiffany's(yes a for real Tiffany's store). Purses more your thing? How about Michel Kors? Yep, have that store here. Like shopping in quaint or unique venues... try Market Street or even Portofino's. Yesterday, that's where MageeBaby and I shopped. We went to Hallmark, Stein Mart, and Carter's kids store(AWESOME DEALS!!!). No biggy right? WRONG! Check out the crazy architecture of this strip mall... So... much... fun!!!!!!!!

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