Thursday, September 12, 2013


When my husband was courting me many moons ago, he wrote me poetry and sent me roses to the dorm where I was living at least once a week.  I knew I had hit the jackpot.  If I would have been a cartoon, little hearts would have popped out of my eyes and popped making more little hearts to fly up to the heavens.

Around our period of the courtship, I was with my family working on cleaning out cooling towers for the family business.  Everyone had found out about my new man...  my parents, sisters, aunt, uncle, and cousins.  Luckily, the facility we had been working at had showers in the restrooms so after working my mom, my aunt, and I were in the restroom freshening up.  With stars in my eyes, I relayed all the stuff I just typed in the first paragraph - ad nauseam.   They both started to cackle.  Yes, these refined southern women cackled and howled with laughter at me, at my love, at this newly fresh romance in bloom. 

How! Could! They!  Is all that was running through my naïve little mind.

And then they stopped with stifled giggles.  That's when I got some wisdom dropped all over me like the messy cooling tower yuke that I had just washed off.  My aunt as gently as her laughter would let her explained to me that possibly, maybe, my idea of romance might chance as I aged and as my princecharming and my soon-to-be marriage aged.  She even had the indecency to suggest that one day my love would want to get frisky while visiting inlaws AND that I might one day consider it to be over-the-top romantic when he would take out the trash without me even asking.  What planet are these women from?! was my quandary.


Now, the poems and flowers are far and few between.  The longing looks over a cheap cup of coffee have simmered(and now we can afford lattes! lol).  But my aunt was so right...  the other day my man was taking out the trash without asking.  I so appreciate him doing this.  It's those little things that make up the day; that are work; that mean so much to me now.  How he wants to play with the kids after a long day at work.  How he'll give me a big kiss and hug when he gets home.  How he will help me with the dishes after we eat even when he has other house projects he wants to work on.  How last night he even shared the remote while I am so much more stingy with it. 

And what could have been any more romanteek about my sweet husband taking out the trash?...  Oh, yea, if he would have done that shirtless. :)  Now that's romance!