Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: AB Seascape Galveston

The weekend before last, my family met up with my extended family in Galveston for a mini vacation.  It was GREAT!  And we stayed right on the beach at AB Seascape Galveston.  Yep, complete with a pool in the center of the condos and a boardwalk over the sand dune.  PERFECT!  Even better yet it is located next door to the RV campground that my parents were staying at so we could quickly walk next door to get to visit.

Here's the view from our 3rd floor unit...

My sister, brother-in-law, husband, 3 little kids, and I stayed overnight in a one bedroom unit which included a bunk bed built into the hallway and a pull out couch.  The kids were so wound up getting to stay in a bunk bed that they had a blast but a very small amount of sleep! LOL  The condo we were in was decorated nicely and clean except the resort had not done a completely thorough cleaning because my sister found that the bedsheets hadn't been changed(EEEWWW!).  Other than that though, the place seemed clean and well kept and beachy-ish furnishings and décor.  I liked it! :)  Plus, it's hard to beat being about to just walk out to the beach which is hard to find in Galveston.  On the main strip, there's a hike across a busy 4 lane(plus turn lane) highway with people booking it down the road.  No thanks!  I'll go a mile or two down the road and stay ON THE BEACH! :)  I'm hoping next year for us to rent a condo for more nights during the family trip.  It'll be fun!!!

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