Monday, December 17, 2012

What's Adorable?

Tonight, around 1:30am my sweet little girl started coughing and coughing. She definitely has allergies and they kick in either in the morning when she wakes up or sometimes in the middle of the night. I'm assuming it's because of the drainage and lying where it can accumulate.

I brought her some cough and cold medicine and held her and cuddled until I thought she was falling back asleep. Then she started coughing a little again so I thought a little more cough medicine might help and slipped out of her room. As a mommy though, we have to multitask. So before going back downstairs for more medicine, I gathered up a bunch of snacks from today from the playroom but before I could get downstairs my little girl was standing in her doorway. Shewing her back to her bed, I realized why she had gotten out of it... reindeer food.

See, today at the church we visited, they gave all the little ones reindeer food. It consisted of red hots, minimarshmellows, and dry oatmeal, lots of oatmeal. Both my son and daughter were so excited to get their reindeer food and were talking about already putting it out for Santa's sleigh's horsepower. We dissuaded them until we make it to Grandmama's for Christmas Eve but since I went to bed at 7:30 not feeling so good I didn't think to secure the said food.

So that leads the story back to my adorable little girl standing by her bed and us staring at all the reindeer food literally covering the sheets. I go back downstairs now abandoning the cough medicine idea and grab the vacuum from my closet. Back upstairs with it. Flip on the light and hope that no one else wakes up due to the industrial strength engine noise.

In my tired mind, this seemed like the best possible solution. In the past many a food crumb or crumbs have been disposed of in our home with this method. Little did I know that my new 40000psi suction machine would prove otherwise. You see, I wasn't vacuuming a solid surface but bedsheets, loosely fitting bedsheets. Just as I flipped the switch, the sheet popped up off the bed and a confetti of oats went flying in my face and up in the air. Sigh. My little girl giggled. I giggled. And now it was just so silly it was fun. After vacuuming up the big piles, I gathered the sheet into a bundle to shake out sometime later this morning.

Now time to put on new sheets. The pink and white flowery ones were the most handy so out they come from the closet. My little girls sees them and smiles great big and claps and squeels, "Oooo the flower sheets!" Ok, so what's adorable? That's adorable even at 2:30 in the morning.

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