Thursday, December 20, 2012

Are You Hurt, Mommy?

This past Monday that's the first thing that caught my attention after the ladder I was on slid down the wall, popped off the fireplace(I'm guessing), landed flat on the hardwood covered concrete floor, all while I was screaming, then screaming one last time as I rolled off the extension ladder onto my back and grabbing the skin on my left kneecap so blood wouldn't go everywhere. I look up and my sweet little 2 year old and 4 year old at a close but cautious distance and hear from the two year old, "Are you hurt, Mommy?"

"Well, yes. But I'll be ok." Stay calm. Is my phone in my pocket? Ok. Good. Dial 911... don't freak out, your children are watching. Don't freak out.

The 911 operator answers and I request an ambulance. I'm so glad they are so calm. Hang up with 911. "4 year old, please go unlock the front door." 4 year old unlocks the backdoor. "Good job! Ok, now I need to you go unlock the front door and yell for help ok?" I hear the front door unlock and open, "My mommy is hurt. Please help my mommy!"

4 year old comes back and around the same time 2 year old hands me an unbroken ordament from the display 6 or 8 feet above the fireplace I was finishing. "No! No! Get back in the kitchen! Please play around the train table. Back in the kitchen - both of you!!!" So the kids get back in the kitchen area and about this time the army of firemen and EMT guys show up.

They were complete professionals and very curteous and very good with my babies. I can't remember all they asked or did but remember them checking my spine and neck. Getting me into a neck brace and back brace. The fireman with 8 babies of his own getting 1 year old out of his crib and packing up diapers and his bottle and taking the babies across the street to our neighbors. Being lifted onto a stretcher, stretcher being lifted into the ambulance. Taking a ride in the ambulance that seemed to take a long time but was probably only 10 minutes tops. Waiting in the ER for a little room. My sister showing up and making me feel safe and calm just talking with her. My husband showing up and feeling even safer because my knight in shining armor was there.

Now for the "fun" part... I got xrays of my knees, legs and ankles. Then got a CT scan of the rest of my body - head to knee. Even my insides were checked out. They also verified that I have a brain contrary to belief after my stupid attempt of being on a ladder without any other adult around.(ps I should have listened to my husband) Turns out I got 4 broken ribs from the deal and I'm pretty sure my left shoulder is messed up a bit and maybe my left knee. Also got 3 or 4 stitches in my right shin and two layers of stitches in my left knee. I'm just now able to bend it a little and it doesn't look quite as bad as it did 24 hours after getting stitches. I never really saw it but my husband said it looked pretty bad as the doctor was stitching it up. ick. Glad I didn't look I would have passed out!

So what have I learned... don't get on a ladder without my husband around and when my husband says to not do something because he wants me to be safe then don't do it.

So what am I thankful for... that I wasn't hurt as bad as I could have been. I'm thankful for God protecting me even when I do stupid things. I'm thankful for God protecting my children - I could have squished or killed them and am SO THANKFUL that they are safe. I'm so thankful for God's protection and mercy. I'm thankful for my husband, sister, neighbor, and mom for taking such good care of me and the babies during this time. I'm thankful that my entire family is still able to celebrate Christmas together!!! I'm thankful that I can walk still and that I have access to worldclass medical facilities and staff and medicine. I'm thankful for family and I'm thankful for God loving me and protecting me.

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