Sunday, July 8, 2012

Trash Valet

We have officially moved to lala dreamland.

The apartment complex we live in has a trash valet. That's right. I put my trash in a designated valet plastic trash can and then between 6 and 8pm from Sunday through Thursday nights put this just outside my door. At 9pm a friendly guy that's maybe 21 years old with many piercings and with ipod blaring earbuds comes by and picks up the trash.

The streets here are all treelined. I mean all the streets. Even the parkways. It is called "The Woodlands" for a reason. LOL It also hosts the George Mitchell Nature Preserve which covers nearly 1,700 acres. WOW! Has a kayak launch, lots of trails, trees, has a creek running through it, etc.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the YMCAs here... The newest one just built has a nature trail area behind the building which boarders the nature preserve. It has raised boardwalk type areas high in the trees that wind around to places like an outdoor chapel, outdoor ampitheater, and even giant teepees. So cool! And don't get me started about the "village" pools... the one for our 'hood has the following stuff... Chaise / beach chair seating, Concessions sold, Lazy river, Maximum depth 5' or less, Shade structures, Swimming lanes / lap lanes, Water play structure / splash pad, and Water slides. AND there are 12 other pools to check out around here with just one pool pass! wahooo!

Ok, I'm loving this place already. Oh, and did I mention the elementary school that our oldest will go to next year just got built this year and will open this fall. WOW! This place just isn't real. Not sure why God is blessing us again and again with such an amazing place to live. I feel safe here, I feel amazed with each new day with all He is giving us while here on earth, I'm so thankful for things like fresh water to drink and abundance of food and healthy children and this fancy place to live. But most of all I'm thankful for God's mercy He gives me new each day. I do not deserve this life but moreover do not deserve the life and hope to come. Sigh. Thank you Lord.

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