Monday, July 9, 2012

Mommy Tips Monday

Thank you so much to the guest contributor today - the author Cherie Bright from Another Day, Another Story. Would you like to submit a Mommy Tips Monday post and highlight your site here? Please email me at MageeMommy at gmail dot com.

Here's more information about Cherie:
Cherie Bright is a stay-at-home mom, who refers to career as a holly homemaker/ mommy extraordinaire. She is the author of the blog and the book titled “Another Day, Another Story.” She is a graduate from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Computer Science and Communications, both of which she uses daily trying to outwit her children. Bright moved to The Woodlands, Texas in 2004 from El Dorado, Arkansas. She is the mother of two children and wife to one understanding husband. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, camping, and sitting around the campfire exchanging stories. “Another Day, Another Story,” is available at bookstores nationwide or by visiting or A download version is available direct from the publisher at

The Shoe Basket

• Are you tired of finding your families shoes multiplying like rabbits throughout your house, and mainly in your living room?

• Do you wish that someone other than you was bending over to pick up shoes?

• Have you found yourself wishing you could find the match, only to find one under the couch and one under the bed?

• Is yelling at your children and husband over shoes getting to be too much?

Then get a shoe basket.

That’s right. A buy a big laundry hamper basket with a lid, you’ll want this to be able to close. And set it by the door that everyone comes in and out of during the day. Tell everyone, neighbor kids included, to throw their shoes in the basket or you’ll throw them away. It only takes one pair that they have to drag out of the trash to get them used to the idea.

You will still on occasion have to pick up shoes in the living room or wherever and put them in the shoe basket, but it’s better than trudging upstairs to see the mess that needs to be cleaned there. And when it’s time for the company to leave, you don’t have to waste another 30 minutes of trying to find that kid’s shoes. They are right where they belong, close to the door to leave.

Enjoy your shoe basket. I know I do.

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