Friday, July 13, 2012

Things Toddlers Say

This is a series of posts of funny things my kids have said reposted from my other now private blog. I just think they are so cute I couldn't help myself but to post them all over again! Check back every Friday for more Things Toddlers Say!

Saturday, MageeBoy and I were playing in the 'tent' we made with chairs and pillows and the Thomas the Train tent and other blankie and things. MageeBoy had some spider rings from last Halloween and said, "Spider is hungry." So I ask what we should feed the spider and he replies, "Hot dogs." LOL

Also of note, MageePrincess is adding to her vocabulary daily and improving her speech. I love to hear her talk and my favorite word to hear her say lately is pillow which sounds like "paw whoa". So cute!

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