Wednesday, August 14, 2013


If your family is like ours, a box of cereal and gallon of milk can disappear  whew!  My kids drink either milk or Koolaid and hardly anything else; especially water because (I quote my 3 year old) "it makes me puke."  LOL  So when I read yesterday on about the Kroger sale event that ended last night I was stoked!  There was a coupon for $6 off 4 General Mills cereals on the online coupon upload thingy at and could be used up to 5 times in one transaction - FIVE PEOPLE!  Plus, with the Kroger sales event $5 was taken off per 5 boxes of cereal.  You know what me and a bunch of other crazy stockpile couponers did?  Oh, yes.  We stocked up! 

How do I know I wasn't the only gal doing this?  Because I had to go to two different stores to find any of the qualifying cereals and at the second store it was almost sold out at 9pm the last day of this deal.  Another crazy lady like me with a cart full of cereal said that she had been to several stores and this was the only one with anything left.  My, my, my I'm feeling silly about this but, really, WHO CARES!  I got all of this...

all of that... for only $15.17!!!!  I'm soooo thankful for such a great deal!!!  And a bonus was I needed to pick up milk and there were three gallons marked down to $1.79 each.  So the 20 boxes of cereal were actually only $9.80 total or $0.49 each.(PS these are the big sizes...  see the "Family Size" in the picture.  woot woot!)

For more couponing expertise, check out  I'm sending some link love because of my savings of $88.54(that's what my receipt says)!  THANK YOUUUUU!!!

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