Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review: Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Last week, we went on a wonderful family vacation to San Antonio!  It was so much fun!!!  On our first day we stopped on the northside of S.A. to visit the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.  IT WAS GREAT!

We got there about 1 hour before the entrance gate closing time and paid as we drove up.  Note that sometimes discount coupons can be found on their website.  The ones we found were $2 off per person.  Admission also gets you one bag of feed per car. 

You can opt to purchase more feed bags(we got two more) and also the small booklet with information about the park and the different animals in the different parts of the drivethrough and other enclosures.  We got the booklet mainly for our 4 year old who loves animals and enjoys learning about them.  He used it almost the entire time and would point to the pictures when we saw the animals along the drivethrough routes.  Eventually, I was relagated to be the official "animal finder" and handed the catalogue so my kids could do more important things like throw feed out the window and oooh and ahhh over the unique creatures. 

The catalogue also had information on the several endangered animals in breeding programs at the ranch such as the white rino and the Bactrian camels.  WOW!  When I first found out the price of admission it seemed a little high to me, but when I found out all the conservation things they are doing at this wildlife ranch I was more than happy to pay to contribute to their efforts!

Let's see, other things to see and do at the ranch include visiting the cafe, the gift shop, the walkabout, and the "petting barn".  We LOVED the petting barn which was a giant metal barn with pygmy goats.  My kids(who are toddlers and one preK) thought these were great because the goats weren't too big to overwhelm them.  The walkabout included monkeys, macaws, chickens, and other animals but my favorite were the lemurs on their own little island.  The coolest thing though was seeing the BABIES (yes teensy tiny little lemurs)!!!  Oh, my, how adorable!

So would I recommend the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch?  Oh, yes!!!  It is great!!!!!

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