Sunday, May 20, 2012

Publishing on a Mommy Blog...

This is not really a "how to" article. It's just how it happens for me when I'm trying to post on any of my blogs!

First, I think to myself, "I'd like to post something on my blog. This will just take a minute." (ahahaha that seems so funny now) Then I start to get out my computer and my 22month old girl brings me a book to read. Before I can read the book, my 5month old starts crying and frowning. I change his diaper. The scent of peepee is still in the air. I change my little girl's diaper.

Now, I'm ready to read the book. We read the book and talk about all the different illustrations on each and every page(which I actually like doing). Then my little girl asks to read the book again and the baby starts crying again. So I tell my little girl I can't read the book right now and realize I need to make a bottle for the baby.

Unfortunately, tonight we are staying in a hotel so I have to wait until my husband in finished in the bathroom to wash out a bottle. I play with my little baby to keep him happy and do not want him to wake up my 3-1/2 year old. In the meantime, my daughter has paid my husband a visit in the bathroom and somehow has gotten between the door and the vanity and they are stuck in there for a minute or two while she gets out of the way.

The sink is available and I put it to use. Then make up a bottle. My husband is now reading to our kids and they are temporarily occupied. That is until the baby sees the bottle and starts crying. I start to feed him and he is just about asleep when my husband turns on the TV. Now my little princess is crying to watch, "Veeedeeeooo! Veeedeeooo! Eee a go! (Diego!)" LOL My husband helps set this up and now she is occupied with her Veedeeoo. He decides to try to sleep. My baby is starting to act sleepy again so I turn off all the lights except the one near the door. I put him in his bassinet and walk away without eye contact. He flops around and cries a bunch. I pick him up and bring him over to the bed where we are watching the Diego video on my husband's computer. I put my computer on the bed too hoping I will get to blog later and plug it in.

Now the baby is starting to try to army crawl toward the video laptop. He tries rolling onto the keyboard a couple times and a couple times I pick him up and move him back while I'm logging into blogger. I pick him up and he fusses at me. My little girl is now in the weird video trance and my husband is snoring next to her. Still, somehow my little 3-1/2 year old is snoozing away on the pull out couch.

The baby is put in the port a crib and I throw in a couple toys. I go back to my laptop and type some things on my blog and start to post. The baby starts crying like he's hurt. Sure enough, he arm is stuck beside the side of the playyard and the mat that holds him. Not cool. I pick him up to sooth him, give him a baba, he starts falling asleep. I rock him in the office chair and start feeling his little body start to relax and his eyes close and he starts sleeping soundly and sweetly. Adorable. I put him in his bassinet.

Back to the bed to work on more posts... Then I realize that it's past dinner time as my daughter has eaten half a cup of teddy grahams. Wake up my tired husband to see if we have cash for a pizza. Call front desk for a number. Try to call with the room phone and get a weird sound. Call back front desk and listen to a frustrated front desk person tell me the "right way to dial". Use her "right way to dial" suggestion but still get weird noise on phone and it won't work. So call with my cell phone. Success!

Now back to the laptop and my sweet baby girl cuddles next to me needing a hug. Then asks for Dora veedeeooo. Ok, so put that in but sound won't work. Wake up husband, he fixes everything, and now getting to do this post! WHEWWWWW! I guess this just wouldn't have been posted at all if our other little boy was awake too. No wonder I've been to busy to post anything lately. LOL

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