Monday, April 23, 2012

Mommy Tips Mondays

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Two of my very first tips I received and utilized as a mommy... These are great tips though for any household or family to follow!

The first tip I was given from my mom who suggested that no matter what, when I got out of bed for the day to go ahead and make it. As a new mom, I didn't know how tired I would be and how a bit depressed I could get over the messiness of my home. So making my bed first thing in the morning, which generally only takes no more than 2-3 minutes, gives me a feeling of accomplishment at the start of my day. It's wonderful! Also the rest of my house might be a complete disaster but my bedroom becomes a refuge and a retreat because the bed is made and it reminds me that I CAN accomplish things even when going on 2 hours sleep from baby-been-crying all nighters! LOL

My second favorite tip I received when I first became a mom was from a very close friend of mine who told me, no matter what you do every morning make time for 5 minutes for yourself. Lock your bathroom door and wash your face, apply makeup, brush your hair, put on perfume(some days I'm just feeling happy and lucky when I have time for the deoderant swipes haha). What she was getting at was do something that makes me feel good about my appearance. What great advice!

As a mommy or caregiver a person can feel overwhelmed with turning attention 100% away from themselves and to others, so taking this little tiny amount of time can make a person feel rejuvenated, feel girly(or manly if you're a guy reading this tip), feel like I'm not just the crud on the bottom of everyone's shoes. I'm somebody and yep, it's ok and good for me to take 5 minutes for myself to look good, feel good, or even smell good! Because like my mom has taught me, "If I don't love and respect myself, how can my children learn to love and respect me!" Another great tip. Just throwing that in for fun!

Check back each Monday for a variety of types of tips... from self/family help, housecleaning, how to save money, how to get organized, and more!

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