Monday, April 30, 2012

Mommy Tips Monday

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WHEW! It is starting to get hot hot hot here already! So how in the world can we beat the heat if we are venturing out of our A/C caves?

Here's a couple ideas...

POPSCICLES - Ohhh these delicious, inexpensive treats are great for cooling down quickly!

POOLS! - What a great, fun way to spend the day with your family! Just make sure and bring lots of sunblock!

KEEP HYDRATED! - Even if you're at the pool and lounging in water, make sure to keep drinking plenty of water! It's hot out there and even being in the pool all day you could get dehydrated. whew!!!

SPRINKLERS!!! - It's been sooo long since I've gotten to play in a sprinkler but aren't they fun?! The neighborhood kids were outside laughing hysterically last week so I went to check to see what all the fuss was about... a sprinkler! So much fun entertainment at such a little price and effort!

BE COOL IN THE SHADE - If you're hanging out with family at a picnic or barbeque, make sure and set up in the shade if possible. It's just wayyy too hot out there to be in the direct sun for any length of time.

And lastly, my favorite tip for beating the heat... AHHHH AIR CONDITIONING! :) Hope everyone's week is great and you are all staying cool!

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