Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Like My Kids' Doctor... but not THAT much!

Yesterday, while taking the kids to the doctor, I accidentally kissed her hand... the doctors... sigh... red face... blush. I was holding my little girl in a bear hug in my lap so the doctor could check her ears. So while the doc was trying to check one ear I was giving her a bunch of kisses on her opposite cheek trying to distract her. The doctor moved her hand to her head to steady it and before I knew it I had kissed her hand. I didn't really realize that I had done this until after a kiss or two and then said OH MY! I'M SO SORRY! with my face beet red... DID I KISS YOUR HAND? She started laughing and said that it wasn't a big deal or the first time it had happened. Well, I guess more embarrassing things could happen and at least the doctor knows I appreciate her. LOL

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